Don't you hate those business websites that won't tell you what you really need to know.

Question: How Much is it Gonna Cost Me After the FREE 1st Meeting?
Answer - As much or as little as you want to spend if anything anything at all. I are the one taking the risk because I offer a "try me while you buy me" model. Don't like what I offer or work I do, cut me loose.

Question: How Do You Bill for Your Services?
Answer - I Bill per "Billable Hour" (Time we spend on your Project). And don't worry about me cheating the clock, you can fire me by the hour too if you ever feel I am taking to long on a project. I pride myself on being good and fast.

Question: How often do you bill me?
Answer - I Invoice weekly with an accumulated and detail list of all Billable Hours.

Question: Ok then, what is the rate that you use for the "Billable Hours"?
Answer - I have a minimum rate and a maximum rate so your work will always fall between the two. The Minimum Rate is $30.00 per Billable Hour and the Maximum Rate is $40.00. The less complex stuff always gets the minimum, the high intensity, project based stuff edges up towards the max the more in depth it becomes.

Question: So you reel me in with the minimum and then hit me with the Max?
Answer - No Way! We always agree on the rate before any work starts and just for peace of mind I will always do the first 5 hours for the minimum rate just so you can get a feel for if you like me or not. You don't have to do five either. You can just do a couple of hours if that is all you need. I will always do the first 5 at the minimum.

Question: What if I have more Questions?
Answer - That's easy, just Click Here and let's connect.
The Details
Things to Think About
With The Ministry Systems Coach

You Won't Be Spending Your Money On.

  • An Extra Salary
  • Work That Isn't Really Needed
  • Hiring Costs
  • Training Costs
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Sick Time
  • Health Insurance
  • FICA Taxes (7.65%)  
  • Worker's Comp. (.61%)
  • Misc. Costs (Vision, Dental, Disability & 401K Matching, Etc)
  • Dedicated Office Space
  • Cost of Overtime Pay
  • Idle Time During Employer's Absence
  • Bonuses
  • Other Intangible Costs (furniture, testing, training & fees, sick children, etc.)
  • Hassle Time

My Ministry Goal
is to free you up to do more Ministry
Do your homework, many studies indicate that a staffer can actually cost you anywhere from double to triple their hourly rate when you figure in all of the hard and soft costs.
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